The Issues That Matter

Education: Plain and simple, the DeVos Era politics that have decimated our public schools need to be changed. All of our children, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, or socioeconomic status deserve a high quality education.  I believe education is one of the most fundamental and most important rights of all Michigan citizens. In Lansing, I promise to fight for your children and our school systems with conviction. 

Labor: Right-to-Work is wrong for Michigan. Our hard working families deserve to have the ability to fight for fair compensation, high quality health care coverage, and the dignities that should be afforded to hard working individuals. If you were promised a pension, you should receive that pension.  The rights of workers to collectively bargain is one of the most important that average Michigan citizens can behold.  Unions are the backbone of the Michigan economy. In Lansing, I will fight to overturn Right-to-Work legislation and to restore the rights of union members in Michigan.

Veterans: As the life partner of a veteran and current National Guardsman, I have witnessed the life of a soldier for many years. We must do better as a state to support our veterans when they come home from deployment. In Lansing, I’ll fight to make sure every veteran has access to the healthcare and mental healthcare that they have not only earned, but also deserve.

Great Lakes: Like you, I know how important our Great Lakes are to our economy, recreation, tourism, agriculture, heritage, and culture. Our way of life depends on protecting these precious natural resources. Everyone who lives in this state should be able to drink their tap water safely. In Lansing, I’ll prioritize clean water for people before corporate profits like Nestle’s. Keeping our Great Lakes clean will be a top priority.

Infrastructure: We need safe roads and bridges to be able to get to school and work. We need safe water to drink. This is basic, but without them, we simply don’t have a shot at success. Across the state, mothers are afraid to let their kids drink the tap water, although we live at the heart of the Great Lakes. This is because Republicans who run our state refuse to deliver some of the most basic functions of government: roads and water. In Lansing, I promise to fight for clean water for all Michigan residents, fixed roads, and infrastructure that makes sense, not the infrastructure that lines the pockets of wealthy investors.